Hardware AMC Support

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ADONE Technologies is a reliable partner for servicing your IT hardware. We provide Annual Maintenance Contract for all your valuable IT equipments.

Annual Maintenance Contract is like insurance for your IT equipments. With a small upfront investment you can minimize your downtime and save on future repair costs. ADONE Technologies undertakes offers AMC service packs for servers, desktops and printers. With a maintenance contract you will have the assurance of knowing that repairs will be provided efficiently and economically by trained service personnel. Furthermore by purchasing repair services annually in advance through a maintenance contract, you can save over standard 1at rate repair pricing.

ADONE Technologies will audit all your IT equipments and carefully categorize
every component into in-warranty and out-of warranty. The biggest bene!t of this exercise is knowledge; knowledge of what you have in the of!ce. Studies show that you can reduce your IT expenditure by up to 10% by reusing many components. Telephone support for common problems.

ADONE Technologies believes in doing what is best for the customers. We will offer free limited advice and consultations of many common problems and technical questions facing you every day.

Every quarter our experienced engineers will visit your of!ce and perform a health check of all your IT equipments under AMC. We will also perform !ne tuning and spot fixing to ensure that your equipments are running smoothly and giving you the best value for your business.

ADONE Technologies has over 20 branches in India. We will help you with your relocation, or expansion needs.