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Established in 2010, ADONE is a celebrated Indian IT solutions provider, delivering cutting-edge and innovative solutions
that are tailored for your business objectives. With a global presence in over 20 Offices, 30 Service Centers along with 200+ direct point of presence across India, We specialize in providing end to end solutions to customer’s IT needs. Over the last 5 years we have grown tremendously because of our high quality services and products.
ADONE Technology has always had its focus on customer satisfaction. We work with total commitment and offer the best solution at competitive rates. We believe in providing timely service, with a clear aim for providing complete solution.


Our client engagement transcends beyond business associations. We consider our clients as our partners, and offer flexible engagement models to create maximum
value. Our teams work with you to understand your business goals and requirements, to help you cost effectively streamline your operational efficiency and productivity, and achieve competitive edge.
We believe that two is better than one. This is why we establish long-lasting partnerships with the leaders in the field of technology to keep abreast of the evolving market dynamics and global trends.
Through symbiotic relationships, we ensure that our products and services are cutting-edge, aligned for the next generation market. We understand your challenges and work with you to deliver cost-effective and pragmatic solutions that meet not only your current requirements, but also your future objectives.
We believe in achieving highest quality in all our operations and functions. To ensure superior quality in every parameter of our deliverables, we ensure that our business models surpass and create new global industry benchmarks.
We want to provide the whole gamut of IT services, consulting and solutions, which include software, hardware, networking
and related services such as installation, training and support and designs of the complete IT strategy for our customers.
  • The center of our Universe is the customer’s asset. Our services are positioned such that they extend the life of each asset.
  • We aspire to be the best services company where people enjoy coming to work!