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Class Room Solution

ADONE Technologies Pvt. Ltd., over years has developed the expertise and skills required to provide Digital Classroom Solution and the Digital Interactive Whiteboard, which is a technology-leveraged teaching and learning system, wherein the teacher is empowered towards interactive teaching and the student is inspired to learning with a quest for excellence.

Advantages of preventative maintenance

Advantages compared with less complex strategies

Planning is the biggest advantage of preventative maintenance over less complex strategies. Unplanned , reactive maintenance has many overhead costs that can be avoided during the planning process. The cost of unplanned maintenance includes lost production, higher costs for parts and shipping, as well as time lost responding to emergencies and diagnosing faults while equipment is not working. Unplanned maintenance typically costs three to nine times more than planned maintenance. When maintenance is planned, each of these costs can be reduced. Equipment can be shut down to coincide with production downtime. Prior to the shutdown, any required parts, supplies and personnel can be gathered to minimize the time taken for a repair. These measures decrease the total cost of the maintenance. Safety is also improved because equipment breaks down less often than in less complex strategies.

Advantages compared with more complex strategies

Preventative maintenance does not require condition-based monitoring. This eliminates the need (and cost) to conduct and interpret condition monitoring data and act on the results of that interpretation. It also eliminates the need to own and use condition monitoring equipment.

Simple, Stand-Alone DIY Home Security Cameras

Home security cameras are one of the most essential parts of any home security system, but many people don’t want or need a whole security system. They just want a Wi-Fi camera to help them see what’s going on at home when they’re away. The answer: a DIY home security camera.

Do you want to see what your dog is doing during the day? Maybe you want to make sure your teenagers aren’t throwing a party while you’re away for a weekend. Today, there are plenty of DIY home security options that work in conjunction with smartphones, tablets and computers. That way, you can check in on your home, whether you’re sitting in your office or soaking up the sun on a beach that’s 3,000 miles away.

A complete security system can be costly. If all you need is a little peek at the living room now and then, there are a variety of stand-alone security cameras that are inexpensive, easy to set up, and can work alone — as well as in pairs. Whether you opt to set up one camera in the living room or outfit the entire house, these security solutions can save you from any post-vacation surprises left behind by thieves, vandals, and even Mother Nature.

A How to Guide on Modern Monitoring and Alerting

At our organization (CCIN2P3) we are building an event-based infrastructure to push structured messages to different subsystems for alerting, reporting and storage. Using syslog-ng, each message is normalized into a structured event, optionally correlated with other messages, and conditionally routed to the next systems, including:

  • a synchronous web-dashboard,
  • different asynchronous alerting systems, and
  • a searchable storage backend.

The events which are collected are essentially system and application logs. Here’s a few examples of interesting messages: